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Who is Alexia Death?

My dear guest, you must be wondering who is this Alexia Death and why has this place been created. I will try to explain as well as I can.

Alexia Death, obviously, is not a real name, but an alias, an artists name if you will and no matter how much I hate my real name, this is how it must stay. The name itself developed in high school, one of the worst periods in my life. Death was the part of me that had been trampled down and killed by years of harassment and teasing, Alexia was the little girl I had been before feeling the guilt of life. The rest was nothing, a void full of echoes.

Behind this name hides a young woman at odds with herself, a woman with a bachelors degree in informational technology of all things. Someone with an odd need to create.

In school I was labeled talentless in arts and I barely passed the art class. I started drawing outside class in my early teens to live out my frustration with life. I learned that there was more to art than drawing realistic looking unimaginative pictures of objects laid out neatly. Today I call myself an amateur artist. It used to say “amateur digital artist” but as it happened, I no longer do just digital. I paint on canvas with acrylics using an airbrush. I’m not that good but some pictures have turned out really pretty. Hopefully some day I can drop the amateur part as well.

My first piece of digital art was a wallpaper I made in MS PAINT around 97 on my first PC (a lovely 25MHz 486 salvaged from a junkyard) for win 3.11 . Unfortunately I have lost the file, but somewhere I still have a printout glued together of many pages of A4…
This was followed by a long pause of doing anything digital and artistic. In 2000 my family got a new PC and with it came the might of a 533MHz AMD K6-2 fully capable for povray and some more advanced picture editing software than MS Paint. Then I made about a picture in every two months to use as a wallpaper for my own PC and lived out my existential dread on paper.This changed when I joined deviantART in april 2004. I now had an audience. In the past two years I have learned to create in ways I had not even considered possible before. Most of the pictures on this site will be also available from my deviantART user page(link in Recommended Sites).If you feel that you have a use for any of my pictures in a commercial application, contact me, I will be quite reasonable and any open source project can be confident, that when asked I will agree to share just for credit.

Best wishes,
Alexia Death
September 16th 2007

P.S That mail is closed for business. It’s on auto responder. Google or some social network site are best if you really need to contact me.

Update 2011-01-12: Okay, to be honest, there is a lot more cheerful origin story for the Death part in my name. In a place only reachable through the immense and dangerous L-space  there is a world that is carried through space by a giant turtle. It rests on the shoulders of four elephants and is shaped more or less like a pizza and thus called Discworld. Reading about that world is the best depression medicine there is short of heavy duty shrink pills.  This world contains many wonders, but the one that resonated with me most is Death. He takes his work very seriously and over time has become quite human, even adopted a little girl, taken in  an apprentice and become a grandfather. Logic would suggest that I might find Ysabel perhaps most associative of the bunch, but no. It has always been Death. Understanding the complex magic of social interactions has always been as hard for me as it is for him:)


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